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Primary health care physician, or family doctors, are usually the first medical practitioners contacted by a patient, due to factors such as ease of communication, accessible location, familiarity and issues of cost and managed care requirements.

Ideally, the primary care physician acts on behalf of the patient to collaborate specialist referrals, coordinate the care given by varied organizations such as hospitals or rehabilitation clinics, act as a comprehensive repository for the patients records, and provide long-term management of chronic conditions. Continuous care is particularly important for patients with medical conditions that encompass multiple organ systems and require prolonged treatment and monitoring, such as diabetes and hypertension.
If you're in need of a primary health care physician or family doctor, call us today in Sanford, NC for an appointment!  Our medical practitioners are glad to help!
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Our doctors and our medical practitioners in Sanford take your privacy seriously. We treat all information you give us with the utmost respect, and keep all your personal and medical details entirely secure. To help protect you, we do not supply test results or medical information over the phone. While this may be inconvenient in some cases, it is a policy that protects your confidential information. 

Family doctor

The medical practitioners at our medical center are great with children, adults, and the elderly. We are in a perfect position to be your family doctor in Sanford. From the youngest family members to the eldest, we offer the best care, thoughtful treatment, and an attentive ear. 

We listen

You know your body better than anyone else. When something is wrong, you're the first to know. At our medical center, our doctors listen carefully to exactly what you're saying, and gently ask all the questions required. With your information, we gather all the evidence we need to make a firm diagnosis and devise an effective treatment plan. 

Welcome to the office of Dr. Alfred Bunao, where our mission is to help you achieve optimal health through routine check-ups and a proactive approach to adult health care. Located in Sanford, our highly respected clinic provides professional, personal care to each patient to ensure comprehensive health care in a comfortable atmosphere. Our staff works as a team to provide you with state-of-the-art care, tailored to match your specific health needs. Our goal is to restore each patient to a life that is as full and rewarding as possible.